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This heat insulation suit for fire fighting can provide protecting against heat for the fire fighter and operator who working at high temperature place, it is constructed of a flame resistant fiber fabric and a vacuum aluminum-plated compound materials and is asbestos-free, the suit posses light weight, high strength,, flame-resisting,, heat-insulation, ,heat-radiation proof,, waterproof, Fold proof, and harmless for human body. It can effective protect the fire-fighter and the operator who working at high temperature place from high heat, flame, steam when they nearby heat resource, and can meet the regulation of GA88 standard for the performance and test methods Of the heat insulation suit for fire fighting and the standard of SOLAS (74) 1981(modification vision), it is suitable not only for fire-fighter who working on land and board but also for the Operator who working at high temperature place of mine, factory and laboratory.


Main performance:

1. Flame-resisting performance:

Burn-in length < 100mm, non-luminous flame burning time < 5 s, continuous burning time <2 s.

2. Heat-radiation Performance :

After it is shined30 seconds by a 10kw/radiator the inner temperature rising of the Suit is not higher than 25℃.

3. Sealing performance:

Anti-water permeability pressure> 4000 Pa.

Points for attention for maintenance and use:

1. Wear the jacket and pantsthe pants shall cover the free-fighting boots, then buckle the

Buttons of the pants to avoid water and other melt age into the boots.

2. Though the heat-insulation suit posses the heat-insulation and flame-resisting functions, but the wearer cannot enter into flame area or too nearby heat-resource, and no directly Contact with flame and melt age to avoid damage of the suit and injure of the wearer.

3. To clean the suit, please use moist cloth, the neutral washing solution and soft brush

Can be used for cleaning; do not let it soak in water or intensive washing to avoid damage of the suit.

4. Please storage the suit in a ventilated and dry place, and it shall be periodical exposed to the sun to avoid mildew.




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