DREW SOOT RELEASE STICK(Soot Combustion Catalyst)

DREW SOOT RELEASE STICK(Soot Combustion Catalyst)

DREW SOOT RELEASE STICKSoot Combustion Catalyst




Packaging25KG/TUB (50PCS)

PCN: 0041400


SOOT RELEASE soot combustion catalyst is a combination of efficient combustion catalysts to remove fireside deposits at a controlled rate. Controlled removal permits burning to take place without the hazards of soot fires which occur when oxidation is too rapid. SOOT RELEASE combustion catalyst reacts with combustibles in the soot and ash, breaking down the combustible binders that hold the deposits together and cause its adhesion to boiler screen and superheater tubes. The loose, dry ash resulting from the action of SOOT RELEASE combustion catalyst is then carried out with the stack gases or is broken up and eliminated during normal soot blowing operation. SOOT RELEASE combustion catalyst helps reduce fireside corrosion by removing the binders of corrosion deposits. Generally, in order for untreated soot to ignite and burn, the temperature must reach approximately 593° C (1100° F). SOOT RELEASE combustion catalyst acts to reduce the ignition temperature of the combustibles in the cooler areas of the boiler so that they will burn off and release the unburnable ash for easy removal by the soot blowers. Formation of excessive soot deposits is often the result of correctable conditions which encourage incomplete combustion. Proper fuel preparation and correctly adjusted equipment will promote optimum combustion. SOOT RELEASE soot combustion catalyst helps to prevent problems when these conditions are not being met.




Removes combustible binder which causes fly ash

to adhere to the tube metal

Less adhering deposits on firesides of boilers

Conditions deposits so that they can be removed

by soot blowers

Decreases the chance of stack fires

Keeps soot deposits in the uptakes at a minimum

Reduces cleaning costs

Convenient stick form

Better heat transfer and increased boiler efficiency

Easy to use


Application and Use

SOOT RELEASE soot combustion catalyst sticks can be conveniently introduced through a “peephole” or burner barrel tube after removing the burner. The firebrick and furnace tubes should be as hot as possible when SOOT RELEASE combustion catalyst is added. Immediately put the idle burner on with as little air as possible. Allow approximately 10 or 20 minutes for the fumes to be given off. This insures that the volatilized active ingredients will settle on the soot. The increase in air is the controlling factor to successfully ignite the soot. BLOW TUBES—Adjust to normal firing conditions. SOOT RELEASE combustion catalyst should be administered in the following quantities before blowing the tubes:

Scotch Boilers - Initially: 1 stick per furnace, 2 times daily for 2 weeks; then 1 stick per furnace daily.

Low Pressure Water Tube Boilers up to 35 kg/cm2 (498 psi)

- Initially: 4 sticks per boiler, 2 times daily for 1 week; then 5 sticks per boiler daily.

High Pressure Water Tube Boilers above 35 kg/cm2 (above 498 psi)

• Up to 6,800 kg/hr (15,000 lb/hr) evaporation rate; initially, 5 sticks per boiler 2 times daily for 1 week; then 6 sticks daily thereafter.

• 6,800 - 11,300 kg/hr (15,000-25,000 lb/hr) evaporation rate; initially, 6 sticks per boiler 2 times daily for 1 week; then 7 sticks daily.

• 11,300 - 22,700 kg/hr (25,000-50,000 lb/hr) evaporation rate; initially, 7 sticks per boiler 2 times daily for 1 week; then 8 sticks daily.

22,700 kg/hr (50,000 lb/hr +) evaporation rate; initially, 8 sticks per boiler 2 times daily for 1 week; then 9 sticks daily.

These recommended quantities can be adjusted to the actual requirements of the individual boiler. If stubborn deposits persist, it may be necessary to slightly increase the amounts until the condition is improved. Excessive dosage requirements indicate that mechanical alterations or adjustments are in order.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance: A free-flowing fine gray/black to dark red powder

Specific Gravity/Density: 1.25-1.30 kg/l (76.5-79.6 lb/ft3)

Flash Point: None (non-flammable)


SOOT RELEASETM soot combustion catalyst is available in 25-kg (55 lb.) kegs each containing 50 sticks.

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