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PomeloKing Alkaline Clean


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General description

ALKALINE CLEANER is a unique blend of caustic alkalies, water softening and light rust removing agents, with penetrating and wetting agents which quickly penetrates heavy grease, sludge and dirt. It is particularly valuable for cleaning of deep tanks and other tanks used for carrying vegetable and animal oils. It rinses rapidly and thoroughly leaving no white film.


      Cleaning deep tanks of cargo residue

      Removal of dried grease and oil deposit

      Steam cleaning

      Truck chasis and wheel cleaning

      Cleaning and brightening cement floors


DEEP TANKS: Apply directly, undiluted and rinse after 15 mins penetration; or, dilute with up to 3 parts water to fill deep tanks and use heating coils at maximum temperature for 24 hours. Strip and flush.

STEAM CLEANING: 0.1-0.5% at the nozzle.

HEAVY DUTY DEGREASING: Use directly or diluted with up to 3 parts water, according to severity of oil.

FOAM CLEANING: When using the "Foam and Clean" applicator, mix 1 part ALKALINE CLEANER to one part water.


Form:  A clear liquid

Composition:  A blend of selected solvents

Flash point:  None C.O.C

MAC Rating:  500 ppm

Stability:  Stable after repeated freeze-thaw


Weight:  Apprx. 1.3kg per lt or 10.8lbs per

               US gallon.


CAUTION: Contains chlorinated solvent. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapor. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Protect skin, eyes and mucous membranes from contact with this product-may cause irritation.


Store in a cool place in original container and protect from direct sunlight. Vent possible internal pressure by cautiously loosening container cap.

Paking: 25L/TUB

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