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Ship SupplyGUANGZHOU THREE SHIP INDUSTRY was established in 2013, accompanied by the prosperity of the global business, "3SHIP," meaning with a ship carrying quality products and link customers, you and me common interests, exports and imports of goods continue to increase, quality products to global shared.
Constantly integrated in the channel, the improvement of logistics and warehouse management supply chain, our sales and service of up to thousands of products, there are over three thousand of customer service experience, serving all over the world.
Our advantages:
Convenient, professional and efficient: a E-mail, a phone call, all buttoned unlimited Order Quantity, not limited varieties, saving procurement time.
price advantage is obvious: the agent distribution rights to a number of well-known products, OEM factory and mining manufacturers supply (procurement services for a number of companies large and manufacturer bargaining power), to provide first-class products, such as: Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Jiangsu .
Improve the logistics system: 3,000 Stock, the domestic Shanghai, Guangzhou storage center, to solve the customer's short delivery, a small number of problems, a large number of procurement to reduce logistics and transport more than 10% of the cost, to help customers sales from less to more.
After-sales service guarantee: product quality strictly, to solve customer worries. Usually long-term cooperation and OEM factory, stable quality, purchase a large amount of price stability.
Company Mission
Services social return employees and shareholders!
Quality products globally shared

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